Blue-Cloner 5.70


Blue-Cloner 5 is a high-grade BD tool to back up BD movies to BD-R/REs or to the hard disk as a BD folder or as the ISO file, with the same quality as the original video. The latest version can realize the new function of backing up a BD movie to a DVD or AVCHD disc. The newly-designed Express interface is usually for the novice to make BD backup with only one click, and the Expert interface is for the advanced users to make various customized backups. Besides, the backup speed will be largely increased with the multi-core CPU and NVIDIA CUDA technology. BD backup becomes quite simple with high backup speed and fire-new interfaces.


  • With the fire-new Express interface, a novice can back up BD movies with only one click while the Expert interface enables you to customize your BD movies with various backup modes.
  • Even a novice can become an expert on Blue-Cloner 5 for its friendly interfaces.
  • Perfect 1:1 BD backup - backs up a whole BD disc onto another.
  • Compresses a BD disc (50G) to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), with menus and special features included.
  • Movie-only backup — makes a backup of the main movie of the original BD disc to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), neglecting the unnecessary features, such as menus, special features and prohibition messages.
  • Splits one BD movie (50G) to two blank BD-R/REs (25G).
  • With the customized backup mode, you can select your desired title(s), audio track(s) and subtitle(s) to back up.
  • BD-DVD backup - Blue-Cloner 5 enables you to back up a BD movie to a DVD-5, DVD-9, AVCHD DVD-5 or AVCHD DVD-9 disc.
  • CUDA and DXVA 2 acceleration supported.
  • NVIDIA and AMD display cards acceleration supported.
  • Makes backups of your BD backups without using your valuable original BD discs again.
  • Supports for making multiple BD backups within one entire BD backup process.
  • Supports for manually adjusting the target DVD-5/DVD-9 disc size.
  • Supports for transforming an ISO file to a BD movie folder and vice versa.
  • Works well with most BD discs such as BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL and BD-RE DL.
  • Burns the BD folder or an ISO file from the hard disk to BD discs.
  • The optimized H.264 soft encoding has made the backup speed more than twice faster than before.
  • Manually adjust the special features picture quality to save the disc space.
  • One-year free upgrade service.


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System Requirements

Blue-Cloner requires the system to be configured with the following equipments:

Minimum configuration:

  • Pentium-IV 1.0 GHz
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 50GB free hard disk space (NTFS partition)
  • Windows XP
  • A BD disc drive

 Recommended configuration:

  • Intel Core2 1.86GHz or a faster processor
  • 2048MB of RAM
  • 50GB free hard disk space (NTFS partition)
  • A BD burner
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 
  • A BD disc drive
  • An NVIDIA video card or an AMD video card